Scientist in the Crib



Official enrollment is now open! 


Welcome to the official website of Scientist in the Crib, a boutique Montessori environment for Infants, Toddlers and Early Childhood in Hinsdale, Illinois. Thank you! 


our philosophy

By integrating teachings regarding early childhood education from Dr. Maria Montessori, ethics from Aristotle and Socrates, inclusion & love from Muhammad Rumi and earth democracy from Dr. Vandana Shiva into the customized cirriculum, Scientist in the Crib prides itself on incorporating harmonious concepts from diverse thought leaders into the infant, toddler and early childhood environments.


our culture 

As a children's house, Scientist in the Crib prides itself as a nurturing, flexible and loving environment designed specifically for our childrens growing needs.  As an extenstion of home for many children and their families, we want our scientists to feel safe, comfortable and ready to discover and challenge the world around them. 


We can't wait to welcome you to our community.


5530 South Stough St. Hinsdale, Illinois 60521


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